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Ok, hopefully not too dumb a question time...

Darkoz, I downloaded and installed the Aus version you posted. Eventually installed fine after needing to dld a second time due to some file corruption.

Anyway I was fiddling with the setups and found there is no 'default_pict_night' folder which the system evidently needs to find when trying to boot at night. So I've looked around several forums as I note you have two skins in the archive and the folder skin_night seems to be what you have set up for night time viewing.

But I can't work out why you don't have the default folder in there or how to get the system to ignore that and use the other skin you do have installed GJA from the look of it.

I've checked all the .ini files and there are references to both the skin_night folder and the default_pict_night folder in the 'interface' section of igo9.ini but I really don't know what it all means and I have tried to find specific info elsewhere, mobilepassion and fixmygps but the info doesn't seem to be too
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