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Originally Posted by Artful Codger View Post
Ok...thanks...but why then won't it boot at night looking for the default folder which isn't there...that's why I thought you must've been using the GJA skin as the night_skin folder is in where the default_pict_night one should be...sorry to be a pain...

edit...I'll try again in the daylight, it boots fine during the day.

I know you've said it a thousand times but I installed the Primo files without any changes including leaving your save file in it and you always say to delete it....could that be messing up the night skin thingy?
I'm not really sure what you mean by it not booting at night??
In the Primo display settings choose the default day and the default night scheme and in the map settings again choose the default day and the default night colours.
I suggest that once you've got the default settings working then try playing around with the different settings and so on to customise it to your own preferences.
Just to explain about the save file, when Primo starts up it will always create a save folder and in there it places the settings of the current state of your system, so each time you go into one of the settings and change something then Primo will update the save folder with those new changed settings, the only reason I suggest to some to delete the save folder is just in case they messed something up in the settings or the sys.txt file which will be saved in the save folder but in your case I don't think it's neccessary.

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