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Originally Posted by Tchleung View Post
I can draw up a hoaky wiring schematic later tonight, but I do not remember wire colors so you will have to decipher that yourself. Basically to do it the way I did it, you need:

wire length
5 pin relay
switch(so you can put it into camera mode while driving forward WITHOUT having the camera on with key on)

My video is a bit misleading as I took that video when I was in testing phase and the camera was powered with "key on" and stayed on whenever car was running. This proved to work, but I did not like the idea of having the camera on for so long plus in the cold, the camera would fog up a bit since it does put off heat when on. My current way, the reverse switch puts it into camera mode, so does a switch I have mounted in the center console. I do not use the "Camera" button in the main menu at all. To put the unit into camera mode while driving, I'm basically tricking it into thinking i'm in reverse. The whole switch/diode can be avoided if you are fine with having the camera on with "ignition on"
Thanks for replying here and to the PM. I got to thinking that same thing after I posted that regarding having it on always. It's a cool feature to have, but now I am thinking that I will just have it wired for reverse. Still thinking though.

Thanks again

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