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Originally Posted by CERF04ZHP View Post
What's up fellas.

Looking for some advise...

I have a 2004 330i sedan and had developed a quick twitch in the steering wheel when I stabbed the brake pedal, which is a tell-tale sign that the front CAB's were getting tired. Well, I replaced them with OEM CAB's and although it's better, if I get on the brakes quickly, it still twiches upon initial contact. Gradual application of the brakes lends no steering wheel play, but if I have to quickly go from gas to brake, when I hit the brake pedal, the steering wheel twitches for a split second right when I grab the brakes.

I understand the CAB's are designed to have some play, to take stress off of other suspension components, but I don't think it's suppose to twitch in my hand when I get on the brakes.

I have had my front end evaluated for anything else that may be fatigued or loose that would give me that sort of sympton, but everything is nice and tight.

My question is this: If I replace my CAB's with a press-in Urethane unit from Bavarian Autosport or Turner, will that eliminate my twitch? Or do you think the OEM units I replaced them with are bad? Or any other advice/experience for me?

You should give the new CABs a few weeks to settle in. And if the twitch still continues to bother you, you might to want to check things like your strut tower hats, tie rods for play/wear.

You can switch to Polyurethane bushings at any given moment, and yes, they will get rid of ALL steering wheel play (given there are no other worn out components that need to be addressed).

My recommendation is Powerflex, keep in mind that Polyurethane bushings will transmit more vibration and road feel in to the steering wheel and some people have found them unbearable(there are also people who want to raise their car from a stock suspension height, because they think its too low, as they are used to driving minivans all their life, but thats another story... ), I for one have Powerflex CABs and absolutely love them.
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