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Originally Posted by Keno View Post
LMAO my friends and I used this term back in college too.

In spanish, "sucio" literally translates to dirty but also holds the same slang as "dirty" in terms of sexuality.

I figured Suzy was just english/incognito code for a "sucia" - a dirty girl.
Haha, I'm definitely going to start using "sucia" .... will spanish women be pissed at me if I use it?

Originally Posted by broey v View Post
online girls are no joke... FREAKS.

they are so desperate, you'll get action on the first date almost every time
That's the truth.

Originally Posted by sweetbro858 View Post
10% tint on the windows makes it even better
15% and 35% on the windshield

Originally Posted by deadpass View Post
POF cracks me up, some of those chicks have the most specific demands ever. The list of people that cannon contact them them excluded probably 95% of the members.
Haha, seriously, it's ridiculous the requirements these suzys have to message them.

Oh, and here's a little taste of Suzy #3, and no, I don't have more pics, this was the only semi-fun one she sent me...
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