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Originally Posted by BobSC View Post
Darkoz, just a follow up on this. Did you locate the additional "female bullet" connector they were referring too? I'm considering adding this camera, but I'm not clear on this particular point.

Also, on the camera end, what does the thin wire connect to or is it already attached to the camera? You indicated in your post it didn't have connectors at either end.

I know I'm not Darkoz, but I'll try to answer..

The bullet connectors are the ones with the little plastic casings on them I believe. On this thread,, the seventh picture down shows what I believe to be the trigger wire for the Dynavin unit. It is on the harness with a lot of those same connectors. I don't have my unit yet speak 100%, but I believe that is correct.

The wire needs to be connected to the reverse tail light wires in the black box above the fusebox. The + and - wires on the camera get tapped into the reverse lights on the deck lid. Then the video cable is run to the location posted on the wire highlighted on the diagram in your post.

This set up will only allow the camera to be active in reverse and will NOt work via the camera option on the Dynavin screen.

Also, as a side note, there is an USA seller on Ebay with these cameras which should cut shipping time down.

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