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Welcome to the forums! Let me push you in the right direction with parts...

*All the companies I'm going to list all have great reputations on the forums for all the accessories you've listed above and much much more*

Mod Bargains (Have the most products available for your BMW)

Regarding body kits, I would RECOMMEND getting them from Umnitza. They have a "Bumper Bonanza" going on as of now and they have the cheapest front and rear bumpers for sedan or coupe (140 front bumper I think) **NOTE** DO NOT listen to a lot of people on the forums saying, buy from the more expensive companies for Front/Rear bumper replicas. ALL REPLICAS ARE THE SAME AND MADE THE SAME WITH THE SAME MATERIALS. The reason why people say buy from here and buy from there is because of their PERSONAL experience buying from that company and the companies customer service. All of the companies I've listed have all great customer service, so go with the cheapest option when buying "common" parts.

Regarding Xenon's...I wouldn't recommend getting Xenon Headlights off of EBAY. Mind you, OEM Xenon headlights are over $1k. That is because it is the brightest headlight for your E46 plus it is an OEM product so it is guaranteed. If you want a "aftermarket" Xenon headlight, get Projector46s by DEPO. You can find them on pretty much all the sites I've listed above. They all come in packages with Angel Eyes so depending on which kit you want, you might have to pay more or less etc. I know ModBargains has them for $515 for Hyper White Angel Eyes(not sure if they were manufactured by modbargains or not you'd have to ask them) and projector headlights. What a LOT of people here on the forums run are the Projector46s with the Orion V2 Angel Eyes by Umnitza. They are about 450 bucks and they are very good, tbh ALL of the Angel Eye kits by ALL sponsors here on the site look good, just depends on what YOU like.

Regarding struts etc...I would recommend ECS Tuning. They have great customer support for sure, and they have a LOT of OEM grade parts for you to choose from on an organized website. You definitely can't go wrong with them! Also about fitting your M3 parts (or M parts on a Non-M car) There is a STICKY on the top of the "General Forums" on how to fit MOST parts...this does not entail performance parts considering a LOT of not all M parts would not be compatible.

Lastly HF with your car and welcome to the forums, you'll catch the mod bug shortly after I post this so no worries, we're all there with ya haha.

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