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Originally Posted by Sir Smirnoff View Post
I agree with the OP. Oh also to the smart asses who are jumping down the OP's back... You don't belong in this thread. You either don't get the point or are just here to troll. Like most of the ppl on the general forums. Thats a stupid practice on Patrick's part. I am surprised he is still in business. Tbh he shouldn't be if he is going to dick over his customers like that. If you're buying parts from him... Most likely it's DIY which you do because it's cheaper. If he thinks that we're that dumb and or we won't notice then he's sadly mistaken. Thanks for the heads up OP. I'll be sure to never do business with him
i totally agree with you... even though it may be $10 or so... it all adds up in the end :facepalm:
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