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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
:P means as a joke. that's pertaining to the got prices raised.
as for the bottom of the barrel, jeez why don't you just come back with a "i know you are but what am i" childish return. :facepalm:

Yes, Bottom Of The Barrel. I've been on this forum for years and can tell you that is what reading your post showed me. And having been around long enough I've learned enough to call it like I see it. Sorry.
I'm NOT saying you will or have to be like that always, but really $4.87 to saying that this sponsor is some kind of theft. Go check around, what do you think it would cost at any dealership walking in the door.

With both of that said. I normally am rather indifferent to posts like these or being rude in response to them. But before bashing a Sponsor give them the time or opportunity to correct something. But in this case it was so small that a 3 page thread was more or less like children crying.
And just for the record, just today I got a quote on an oem part that list at $89. Guess who was cheaper between Tischer, CrevierInternetParts, and BMWpartsSource..yep patrick
Two things IMO here:

- They have been noted to make other silly mistakes, I can't recall all that I've noticed, but alot of it is how he continues to be vague in his threads. He will say, "This is on sale" without noting what the kit includes, what the part really is, a P/N to research it even, etc.

There are many times I personally have asked him questions about what it is he is indeed selling in his own threads, only to be ignored. I've seen it happen with many others as well. Point being, I personally feel he HAS been given several chances to correct/advance in his core business practices and he continually fails to show any interest is addressing e46fanatics concerns.

- As Evan mentioned, a better price isn't aways a better deal. I'm happy to pay a few more dollars with getbmwparts.com than Patrick because I've dealt with them in the past and have had an amazing experience. I order an oil change kit that came in with some spilt oil. I called Jason up, got to him with no problem, told him I saw a total of about half a quart of oil spilled and he refunded me the price of an entire quart right there, no questions ask and was very nice about apologizing for the problem. Clear, consise, efficient.

Compare that to Patrick who continues to ignore my questions...yeah, I'll pay $2, $5, $10 on my order and go with someone who shows through committment that they are worth it.

- $4.87 differene topic: It is both a matter of principle and price. Sure, $4.87 isn't enough for me to sweat searching for half an hour over, but you should be able to be confident that in a situation like, "hey, we are offering a bundle kit at a discount just for you guys" that one would actually confirm he indeed came in below the cost of those seperate items...thats just a must and common sense, not an area to accept the excuse of the inevitable error in pricing.

Anyways, all of this is just everyones opinions. Mach wanted to share his, we are all sharing ours as well, nothing to get too confrontational about :brent2:
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