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Originally Posted by bluejeansonfire View Post
no case spreader necessary, these come apart, can be assembled in-diff, or that's the kaaz at least. This looks like it can too.

wait, it says lifetime!?!! does this not have clutches in it?

YEP LIFETIME! I am thinking about getting one

Are you sure you don't need a Case Spreader? Maybe you lucked out? or was it snug enough to lightly pry out with a prybar? I haven't open a 330i diff yet but if u say I don't need a case spreader. I will add one to mine

Nope, These use Gears no Clutches. Geared LSDs are more dependent on the torque and not on the speed difference between the output shafts Such differentials may not be adequate on extremely slippery surfaces such as ice.

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