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Originally Posted by Darkoz View Post
Yes, a thousand individual Dynavin threads would be so much easier wouldn't it, that way you'd only have to read a few words at a time and not tax your brain to have to read a whole paragraph or God forbid more than a single page.
Have they stopped teaching how to read or have IQs dropped sharply in recent years ??
Like I said, _I_ did read every page before I purchased my Dynavin. I wanted to be sure I was making the right decision and spent the better part of an evening reading everything. But there is significantly more information now and I do think it's getting to be too much to expect everybody to read everything. The V5 thread is now 58 pages long and a lot of it is crap that should be PMs instead of posts. Like the recent post about somebody's LOC not working and asking Jeff if he could get a replacement. (No offense to the poster, just a recent example of some of the clutter in that thread.)

Jeff has done a great job with the FAQs and I'm sure it has been useful to many people. But as this thread illustrates, not every question is answered there.

The Dynavin is a complex system with many different parts and functions. This has been acknowledged several times, even by Jeff himself. You could have entire threads dedicated to the Ipod interface, the installation, the Bluetooth interface, the back up camera, the GPS, the different navi programs, the radio, etc. Granted it is much more complex but when I have a problem with my engine, I don't go to the "Official S54 engine thread". I look for or initiate a thread discussing the individual component/function.

The current organization of information obviously works for you. It works fine for me too. But it helps that we have stayed on top of the information for longer than somebody who may have just learned about the Dynavin today. I just don't think the "newbies" deserve to be ripped a new one for asking a question that was already answered in a thread with over a thousand replies.
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