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All the information that's needed is contained in only two threads, (three if you count the Primo info thread) the current Dynavin V5 part 2 thread and the Dynavin FAQ thread.
All of which you could go through in less than a couple of hours at the most, not to mention you could use the Search function within the thread itself.
So if someone is spending $700 on a Dynavin surely they could be bothered spending a couple hours of their time to learn about it and to help themselves.
Not to mention that while reading the official thread they just might actually learn other things which they otherwise may have missed therefore saving the need to ask a question for every query they may have.

The Dynavin discussion has been going for long enough now that pretty much everything has been answered ten times over and it gets fairly frustrating when the most basic questions keep being asked such as the one in this thread which has already been discussed and answered repeatedly both when the V5 was initially released and also only just recently.
So yes I think the "newbies" should be ripped a new one for their laziness and their expectaion that others are here to spoon feed them and do the work for them.
The fact is that they don't bother to read or to search or to use some common sense.

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