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Originally Posted by thejames View Post
All the boot lid stuff is now wired. It's not that tough... just take some thought.

I don't think you have much chance of pulling any plugs through that hose - it's very tight. Instead, I chopped the plug off one end of my RCA cable so I just had a skinny wire to thread. There's just one hose that runs from inside the boot to inside the lid, but there are three grommets. Undo all three. I struggled to push anything through the full length of the hose so I made an incision behind the middle grommet and routed it outside the hose and into the car. It bends inside the bodywork so makes it really difficult. I threaded a wire coat hanger through, then duct taped my wires to it and pulled them back through. Worked a treat.

As well as the video cable, I also ran a separate wire to connect up to the trigger.

Drilled a couple of holes inside the boot lid, soldered up the power and trigger wires and put it all back together.

Just waiting for my heatshrink tubing to be delivered and I can solder my RCA lead back together and it should all work

One more word of wisdom for anyone planning on doing this... Took me a little while to work out how the tool tray is connected. Turns out there are two flocked screws underneath. Feel around, you'll find them.
Not understanding why you drilled any holes for this? I did the same thing about a week ago and drilled no holes for anything.
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