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Torque specs I used according to bolt type and grade according to TIS for oil sump:

Two long bolts going through oil pan to bottom of RMS is 10 Nm. The four short bolts around the top of RMS is 10 Nm. The two 13mm bolts on the sides of RMS are 22 Nm.

The white cap guide cone is used as the seal installer and is used to widen up the inner seal (part that makes constant contact with crank) of the RMS. Use plenty of oil on the seal lip, crank, and also the plenty of it on the white cap. Do not under any circumstance let the inner seal of the RMS bend and watch and ensure that it clears the crank. It is quite an expensive mistake to make. As me how I know. Do not risk a bent seal even slightly. It's not worth it to have a leaking RMS.

If the RMS is stored without the white support cap for more than 6 months, the seal should not be trusted.
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