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Originally Posted by trizzuth View Post
don't you live in Minnesota? how the heck did you get a local RR fanatic to go all the way to Indiana with you to check it out?? also, cross drilled rotors on an SUV are overkill and uncool, unless it's a Cayenne Turbo S or a RRS
Car had dealer tags. The guy was a private seller and the auto group he works with is headquartered there.
Originally Posted by Goughie View Post
Nice pick up Chase.

I've thought about them but my best mate has had two (of that shape) which both had engines that went bang in a big way - I'm talking 17K for one and a write off for the other. He's into Defenders in a big way now, does a lot of work himself and they appear to be a more stable animal that the Range Rovers. LR's are way too slow for my liking though.

It's certainly a clean ride though and I wish you well with it! As for the drilled rotors, I never did see the point on SUV's - surely they're all about functionality rather than looks? I do concede that drilled are more efficient than undrilled but on an SUV? Not for me personally.

You intend to do any off-roading with it?
Thanks for the words and I've heard similar issues with engines here and there. Definitely have to maintain hoses and the sepentine belt.

As for the speed, it is slow as all hell. 0-60 in like 10 seconds and that was a 10% improvement over the 98s (the 99s have a BMW Bosch intake setup).

Regarding the brakes, I would buy drilled solely for looks... the question is are the drilled rotors on a suv so ghey that they no longer look cool

As for off roading, I"m trying to get this bad boy into tip top shape so I imagine I won't do anything other than snow driving.

And wrighterjr, I suppose to each their own. I've always thought these were super sexy trucks. Very macho with an extremely refined interior.

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