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Originally Posted by VillanovaGrad View Post
i like how you take jabs at me without knowing my true story.
Whoa whoa whoa.... No jabs were intended. I was just using what you said as a perfect example. Wasn't meant to attack any knowledge base or anything along those lines

I actually had the same train of thought when I started looking at them. I called myself crazy for even considering it (as did everyone else). It was only till I really did my homework that I started to see the truth from the common mis perceptions
Originally Posted by VillanovaGrad View Post
it is a risk, and not everyone is well educated in terms of air suspensions and not everyone chooses to educate themselves in air suspension technologies.

and look at the replacement cost of normal spring and shock suspension. you can get a set of OEM spring and shocks for $1000 brand new + the standard $200-$300 labor. now, if you calculate - the risk you are taking ($5000+) and you are trying to hedge it by being completely overattentive and over doing preventative maintenance.
Confused. Why is there a 5k risk? The rear springs were already replaced as was the compressor. This weekend, I am installing front springs (at 150 a spring) and rebuilding the compressor which will run about 400 all said and done. So 700 out of pocket and I will have an essentially brand new suspension system that will be perfectly fine for 75-125k miles.

Just look on ebay or other vendors... anyone who pays 800 a spring is a moron :

Originally Posted by VillanovaGrad View Post
now, as i understand - it is a daily driver. there is no way, that 99% of the individuals would give it overattentive attention. the point of a daily driver/bad weather driver is, when you walk out, turn the key and it goes.
It's not a daily. I also have an 99 C-Class. But I will be driving this a lot as it's awesome fun
Originally Posted by VillanovaGrad View Post
you dont walk around the truck to see oh which corner's air suspension is leaking air and not holding up everytime you want to drive the car, and you shouldnt.
It's pretty easy to tell if the car is sagging 6 inches lower than it should normally sit
Originally Posted by VillanovaGrad View Post
there shouldnt be even a minute thought in the back of your mind about "oh maybe i should check my suspension to see if its leaking". like my X3 for example - i dont give a f*ck if the suspension goes kaput, because i know if it really does go kaput, i get some Koni shocks and h&r spring for like $900 and it wont cost my kidney.
Yes, there is a slight premium for the air suspension and, as a result, some guys swap over to coilover kits which aren't priced any higher than that set of konis you would put on the x3. The only difference is you would need mounting brackets for the coils which run around 40 bucks a corner. It's also more labor to install them of course but if you do it yourself, no biggie.

As for "not needing to care about your car before driving"... I drove what most would call a "very heavily modified vehicle" for years and am used to the notion of carefully driving, taking precautions, etc. Preventative maintenance is something everyone should do... we as a society have simply become so spoiled by the awesomeness of modern vehicles.. as a result, it doesn't even creep into our head to check tire pressure, fluids, etc... And that's totally fine.

It's like the guy said, the question isn't is this a good car for you... it's are you a good owner for this car. If you want something that you simply can get in and go, buy a honda or toyota. Why you have an X3 is beyond me if reliability is your #1 priority.

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