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Originally Posted by farmdog View Post
How many miles on it?

Villanova kid, the air suspension goes when one f those components goes bad as a result of age. Its not as if the parts I replacing them with are just going to die out of nowhere. I would be far more concerned with a car that has exploding engines than one with air suspension that can leave you on the side of the road.

As for the AMG guys, are you under the impression that they are looking to do work themselves? I have to think MBs are the ultimate in "I take it to the dealer" vehicles..

If I were to take my car to the dealer and have them fix the front springs and put in a new valve block it would probably be thousands... Instead, I bought parts online and will have a brand new 75-125k mile suspension for 1k (would have likely been 2 if the previous owner had not done the compressor and rear springs). But this was all premeditated and calculated into the real cost of the vehicle...

It's certainly NOT for those looking for a hassle free car.. But for a winter third car and toy, can you think of a cooler truck (if you like the styling anyway.. Which I love!)

It will be a fun project car

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