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Originally Posted by Tate325xi View Post
i must ask, what makes you so opposed to x-drive?
I own two cars one is the 2001 330i the other is a 2010 C300 4matic and between the two cars 4matic guzzles gas needlessly and takes away from the sporty-ness (especially trying to launch off from a red light-all wheel drives seems to want to spent a few seconds thinking about what it wants to do after you floor the pedal - rear wheel drive just launches)

We live on the bottom of a hill facing the Hudson river so to drive anywhere involves going up and down steep hills (google Yonkers). In the winters because we are on the river the weather is really bad and can get icey and snowy really quick.
Over the last 4 years of living and driving under these conditions I've come to find that all wheel drive car is not really any advantageous over a well maintained rear wheel drive (or even front wheel drive) car with good all season or winter tires.

Unless I move to Saskatchewan or Calgary I doubt I will ever buy an All Wheel Drive car for urban or suburban driving.

That said I have not driven a BMW X drive car but I can only imagine the experience to be similar to the 4matic.

Like I said unless you are 100% sure you need an all wheel drive car don't go out of your way to buy one and I doubt most people buy BMW sedans to drive them over on mounds of snow or across frozen lakes of black ice.

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