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Originally Posted by Tate325xi View Post
you definitely have some valid points. i originally bought an xi for driving in the colorado snow, but have really come to appreciate it for summer driving too. the torque is a front/rear 38/62 split, so it really feels like an rwd car. i have a feeling your Mercedes sends most of its power to the front wheels, so i understand your frustration with it. you should try driving an E46 xi sometime. i think you'd be surprised.
I've driven several xi cars... E46 325xi, E46 330xi, X5 3.0i, X3 3.0si, E60 525xi, and E60 535xi. I really do not like the feel of the cars compared to their RWD equivalents - especially when comparing to a ZSP RWD model. BMW does RWD really well... only thing missing is the LSD on the non-Ms.

About 550i vs 535i... If you're not a fan of the turbocharged feel, then I'd say go with the 550i (ideally the M-sport). The N54 is a great engine, but there definitely is a slight lag before the turbo spools up completely. If you don't mind the slight turbo lag, definitely go with the 535 and then chip it. I've seen mildly tuned 535s keep up w/ E39 M5s...

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