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Originally Posted by Avet4 View Post
Ok I just installed mine this morning. Thanks to Jeff it went really easy. I do have a few questions and comments though.

My screen is not matte like the first post in this thread all.. it's actually very shiny. Am I misunderstanding the term?

Secondly... I am left very hopeless with many aspects of it's functionality.

While watching a DVD the volume will mute itself randomly. I don't have anything else going on while this happens. I'm simply sitting in the car, parked, with the movie playing. Also along with the volume muting, the zoom function activates on it's own as well. By zoom function I mean it displays the word "zoom" on the screen. Nothing actually changes with the image other than the word appearing. It stays there unless I stop playback and resume again.

Lastly somehow all the settings went haywire after I had already adjusted them. The text changed to chinese, but I was able to fix it. Also it asked me multiple times to calibrate the screen.

The problem I'm stuck with now is that the navigation won't work because "navigation software not found". I used it earlier, but now it doesn't work. I'm not sure how this all happened.

Anybody else experience these issues? Any suggestions?
Losing the settings, Its in the FAQ #29

same with the nav not found...its the same thing, not a problem, it will stop doing that after a day or two.

The other issue with the dvd....are you using a screen protector? It sounds like something is putting pressure on the screen??? Or maybe you need to set some of the settings on the nav side of the might be interrupting (also see the FAQ)

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