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Originally Posted by BrisM3 View Post
Hey John

Its great that you care!

I got out of Gympie ok but had to leave the office today at 1:00. We are on the corner of George and Turbot streets and they expect George to go under tonight.

I've got a property in Ipswich that I expect to wash away unfortunately.

And after all this is all my fault!

My son, Noah, was born on 28 October. It hasn't bloody stopped raining since!


Haha I was gonna give you a buzz but I didnt want to stop any family attempts just in case it was dire. Its not good to hear about the house in Ipswich or your office for that matter.. Looks like it will be a while till I get up there with this weather. I tell you what looking at photos Noah its almost a fair trade I think (discounting obviously the loss of life my condolences to the family).

Good to hear its all good!

For anyone interested they are comparing it to the flood of 1974 well here is a map of where that covered

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