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Originally Posted by Glissco27 View Post
viking thanks for the input...did that one inch drop give it that "slanted downward look" cuz thats what i want: that sportier/stiffer ride but not slammed to the ground.
I got a bit of the slanted look, but in my case I'm considering changing out the rear spring pads, to make it more level...

I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow, on the street... the pictures I have were taken in my "slanted" driveway and it exaggerated the look...

I would not go with coilovers unless you have money to burn. Don't get me wrong, they are better than just getting lowering springs and shocks/struts.

But is it worth it on an "old" car like ours? Unless you plan to track her, I would personally rather spend that extra money on good tires; see Kubica's comment.
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