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Trust me you all, My wife and i got into plenty of huge arguements about it, we both dont want to do it, but it is the best for the dogs. We dont want to move and both be at work all day with the dogs either locked in their kennels when there is bad weather or stuck in the backyard all day. We are doing this so that they have a family to play with and that they can get the most attention that is possible. And it is really tuff for my wife to take care of two dogs while I am deployed, when we start a family and if I deploy again, she will have to take care of two dogs and a baby by herself, thats a tuff job for one person.

But she is def only two years old for sure, we had her since she was a little puppy and we raised her the whole time. She is the best and we just want the best for her.

EDIT: Oh, I didnt get it at first, but nope, wife is staying with me. lol

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