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Thumbs Up 01' 325Ci ATF & filter

Did the ATF & filter at 87k miles. I will first say that my AT functioned as it should have, with the exception of 'hunting' gears when coasting. It seemed as though the TC would lock and unlock for no reason when decelerating.
The fluid was terrible, black and lots of sludge - residue around the magnets. Pan itself remained clean. I used Esso fluid on my ZF gearbox with green label. From start to finish, roughly 5 hours and I took all the time in the world I thought i needed and then some. No rushing this job.
My very fist drive: quicker shifts, very smooth shifting (smoother than prior to fluid change) and the gear 'hunting' dissapeared.
I will also add that I did an ATF & filter change on all of my past BMW's as well (old 318i, 325i and X5). Each and every time there was a noticeable improvement in shift speed and smoothness.
I do not believe in 'life-time' fluids. The oil simply has to start breaking down at some point and then wear also accelerates.
Tools, time and patience is all you need.
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