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Originally Posted by PatrickSZ28 View Post
I have a question concerning tire pressure. I know it says above that I can lose up to 5 PSI, my question is, do I need to keep filling the tires with air or wait out the winter? I usually keep around 40 PSI in all of mine, they are reading around 34-35 now. I know this is a stupid question but I wanted to make sure of what I need to do, because I wasn't sure if the tire pressure would go back up when it started to get warm again and I don't want to have too much pressure in the tires when that happens.

In my factory owners manual it lists the tire pressures. I don't believe any of them are above 35 psi. The fronts are lower than the rear. I have mine at around 30 psi in the front and a little more in the rear as this is recommended by the factory. You may want to refer to your specific manual to be sure. Hope this helps.
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