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Originally Posted by NOVAbimmer View Post
the statement was that any NFL benchwarmer makes more than any doctor or violinist.

There are violinists that make more than some NFL players
You're missing the forest for the tree.

Any NLF benchwarmer (or rookie) will make more than any benchwarmer doctor (or intern).
Yet, Asians strive to be doctors, not NFL players. Why?
Because they know they will succeed in medicine, if they survive the internship. It's time proven and a safe bet.
They also know that they will not survive the NFL rookie season, if they even make it that far. Have you ever seen an Asian in NLF (no I don't consider Hawaiians Asians).

The point is to show that it's not just practice makes perfect.
No matter how much they practice football, they won't make it. Get it?

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