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Originally Posted by rapier7 View Post
It all starts with your parents. They determine where you live, what you eat, who you associate with. Your parents are the gatekeepers to those other outside influences.
In an era where most kids spend 5 hours a day in school, be they public or private, from the age of 6 or 7 until 18, they really don't have much say over who you associate with, unless you allow them to.

Originally Posted by rapier7 View Post
I didn't say we should disregard it. Plus I did say we could improve average IQ scores. But there should also be a push to refine the way we measure intelligence. It's almost all based on pattern recognition and arithmetic.
I just disagree. I don't think we can or if we can it is only by a few points. I am curious by what evidence you have that we can. And if we can why hasn't it happened. You would think there would be a pretty big market for that.

Originally Posted by rapier7 View Post
Let's talk about average cases, not outliers. I'm not looking to train a generation of Sergey Brins or Tom Bradys.
But, that is the point. The average cases are most companies don't make it, let alone are really successful. Why should we think people are going to be any different?

Originally Posted by rapier7 View Post
Right. But the second generation is often the most well adjusted and educated. If we can find a way to put everybody in the second generation mindset, we're golden.
So again, your answer is let us create this mold and fit people into a particular way of thinking, acting, & believing. Again, if we do this, why do we think there will be success. If 3rd + generation people are mostly happy and well adjusted in their lives and community, what value does it bring us?

Originally Posted by rapier7 View Post
Perhaps I used the term "sociopath" incorrectly. Even sociopaths care about how people view them (which is why they go to such great lengths to conceal who they really are). Everybody cares about how everybody else views them.
No. You use the term correctly. A psychopath "cares" how people view them, a sociopath does not.

A psychopath doesn't know what they are doing isn't socially acceptable. A sociopath knows what they are doing isn't socially acceptable...and just doesn't care.
There is a difference between caring and manipulating/using people into thinking you may be what you are not for your own ends.
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