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Originally Posted by Jmanscotch View Post
You need to drain the oil...not for the VCG but because 900K even surpases BMWs "lifetime" recommendation
That's not so nice, you know. The OP is in Canada, so he probably means kilometers, so only 560K miles!

You don't need to change the oil, OP...we're assuming you mean 9,000 kilometers or miles...either way, you don't have to. But, if miles, then pretty soon. No one really knows when knows it's around 15K miles, but most here kind of freak about going that long. Me? I'm probably going to do it soon...around 10-12K miles.

GL with vcg...stuff something around engine when you start removing the brittle gasket. Also, I'm sure you know to replace the grommets, and that many here also do Vanos (for that, you do get oil dripping down a bit, so have some covering over the belts if you do that.)


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