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Originally Posted by Master Po View Post
If you read the article it would have been clear to you that Chinese parents don't shy away from difficulty.
Besides, your numbers are meaningless without also mentioning how many people apply to NFL and how many apply to medical school.
If what you're implying is true (that getting in medical school is easier than getting in the NFL) why don't more black students aim for medical school?

If you must use odds as explanation, consider this analogy: say the odds at the race track are much better than the odds at the poker table.
If you're good with cards and reading people's reactions, should you go bet on horses?
In a sense it has to do with odd, but not absolute odds, it's about maximizing YOUR odds at success.
So, the blacks gravitate towards football, even though getting in medical school might be easier FOR YOU. Understandable choice?
Blacks have more fast-twitch muscle than whites, making them better dancers and basketball players.
But they are physically limited in brain size, and therefore intelligence, by their comparatively smaller cranial spaces due to thicker skulls.

Of the four taxa of the the human species:
Americanus were red-skinned, of stubborn character, and angered easily; the Africanus were black-skinned, relaxed, and of negligent character; the Asiaticus race, were yellow-skinned, avaricious, and easily distracted; whereas, unlike the character-imbalanced colored people, the Europeanus were white-skinned, of gentle character, inventive mind, and bellicose; and the Monstrosus were mythologic human sub-races.

Schopenhauer's Explanation:
The highest civilization and culture, apart from the ancient Hindus and Egyptians, are found exclusively among the white races; and even with many dark peoples, the ruling caste, or race, is fairer in colour than the rest, and has, therefore, evidently immigrated, for example, the Brahmins, the Inca, and the rulers of the South Sea Islands. All this is due to the fact that necessity is the mother of invention, because those tribes that emigrated early to the north, and there gradually became white, had to develop all their intellectual powers, and invent and perfect all the arts in their struggle with need, want, and misery, which, in their many forms, were brought about by the climate. This they had to do in order to make up for the parsimony of nature, and out of it all came their high civilization

I could keep going with more examples of racial anthropology, and how it was proven time and again that "Europeans are the superior race", but really, you're just singing an old tune. One race, because of some difference, is superior in one way or another to other races.

Bring up something new, or GTFO.
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