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Originally Posted by rapier7 View Post
I still stick by what I wrote. Her parenting is much better. The fact that she retreated a bit (allowing sleepovers, letting the younger sister drop violin in favor of tennis), but I bet she still expects a high level of academic achievement, as well as strong extra curricular activities, even if it's not of her choosing.

I still emphasize academic success over letting a child have too much freedom to "do their thing".
So forcing your kid to practice piano 3 hours a day isn't always a symptom of hardworking, knowledgeable, and thoughtful people after all.

What did this mother learn...letting your kid have some say in the westernized parenting concept of "doing their own thing" isn't so bad after all. Perhaps neither is actually superior, and both styles can benefit from understanding the other.

Although you never did answer the question. You used the term sociopath like its a bad thing. What is wrong with taking a fundamentally sociopathic approach to ones relationships to parents, elders, and the beliefs one is raised by?
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