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Originally Posted by rapier7 View Post
What do you mean?
If at the end of the day the standardized test scores, degrees, IQ number, and monetary net worth are the measure. Correct?.

The measure of people is supposed to be their ability to do things (that is success, is it not). Not what they believe or whether we like them, or their beliefs. If I am in sales and I can sell dbl everybody else and I am an atheist and the others are monotheists. Does it matter that I don't believe in god even though 92% of americans do? Does it matter if I have told my parents and elders to f**k off and have flushed the "values and beliefs" the parented in me down the toilet?

If one takes the antithesis of "superior chinese style mothers", one ends at a place of sociopathic view and action. Which is:
"F**k doing what everybody else says you should or are supposed to do. Decide for yourself. Make your own decisions. Make your own mistakes. Live with the consequences of your actions. Own who you are. Decide for yourself."

Does it matter how a person gets there?
If they get there through a sociopathic means that is that not just as valid as if they get there via "superior chinese style mothers"?

Do the ends, justify the means? If so, than the specifics of the means have no meaning.
"The existence of life is a highly overrated phenomenon."
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