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Originally Posted by PreppyR6 View Post
The two wires to tap are brown(ground) and blue/yellow. You also need to remove the glovebox, pull down the fusebox and look up into the compartment to see a black box. Unhook the black box and locate any blue/yellow wire. Use the Dynavin's reverse cam wire (green I think) and tap into the blue/yellow wire (you will need some extension wire as Dynavin wire is only a few inches long.
Hope people caught this tip. It sure helped me! So I have my camera on when key is on so I can flip to camera at any point. No relay, diode, etc... Then if you're listening to music etc...when you hit reverse the signal wire from the "tap" above goes to the Dynavin "reverse in" and unit kills music and switches camera as you're backing up. Above approach also saves you from having to run a wire from your reverse lights all the way up to the Dynavin.
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