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Today I had a little free time...

Put it in the air.

Supplies: trans fluid, axle fluid, transfer pump, and a set of big hex keys for the rear axle drain/fill bolts. Yea, I collect Hotwheels & Matchbox. Makes for some nifty (albeit expensive) wallpaper for the garage.

I changed the trans pan gasket & filter too. The old one is pretty black. Not sure if the PO ever changed it, but at 152k miles I figured I'd check to make sure the old filter hadn't disintegrated.

The fluid I used. Meets LT71141 specs. $5.29/quart. Purists might say to go with the $15/quart stuff so I got my flame suit ready.

Dirty pan & caked up magnets.

All clean.

Also had a chance to mount my air hose reel. Been wanting do do this for a while but never got around to it. Sure beats fighting with unrolling and rerolling the hose everytime I use it.
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