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Originally Posted by xlash View Post
what's bleed off? can you please explain.
I just replaced my thermostat today. It was stuck open. Also, the gasket had deteriorated along the bottom. Here's the bleeding procedure I used and everything looks good. Make sure to check your coolant level when your engine has cooled after your next drive.

Coolant Bleeding procedure.
Open sealing cap. Set heater control to maximum temperature. Set blower to low level. This opens the heating valves and sets the auxiliary water pump in operation. Run engine and briefly press accelerator pedal three to four times (approx. 4500 to 5000 rpm) to flush engine cooling circuit. In doing so, do not run engine for longer than approx. 30 seconds; otherwise coolant will heat up and expand. If the coolant level drops in the expansion tank during this operation, top up expansion tank with coolant up to edge. Screw on sealing cap and warm up engine until thermostat opens.

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