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Originally Posted by NOVAbimmer View Post
so you've highlighted a difference. The IQ tests administered to American and European people, in a certain language, reveal different races to have different average (mean/median/mode?) IQs. Does that mean that every Asian has a higher IQ?

is it a superiority?

I've never found unicorns in my sock drawer by using a metal detector. Does that mean there are none, or that my test is flawed, or that I'm looking for the wrong thing?

If there were no IQ test, would Asians still be superior?
You asked for reading material on the subject that races are different. Now your turn to show scientific evidence that races are exactly the same.
You're stretching, distorting, spinning and putting words in my posts like there's no tomorrow. Again, reading comprehension is a requirement in a discussion board that uses written media.
Not only me, but nobody in this thread, has made any of the claims above. It's called a straw man argument.

And yes, there are no unicorns.

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