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You want to pay attention to comfort and weight of the knife... Personally for me, unless i am doing some coarse chopping (herbs mostly) i have been staying away from the heavier knives... think henkels, wustoffs, and so forth... i love henkels, but the more and more i used it, idk it became tiring almost

back a few months ago i tested out some Shun's and never looked back... picked out a few knives for christmas and have been loving them ever since.... by far the best knives i have ever used. My first impression... when you go to a store to take a look at them, hold them, do a "trial run" of how it is going to feel cutting.. don't be suprised when they feel a lot lighter than what you are used to... however once you take that bad boy home and start cutting things up, it will all make sense

so much control, effortless chopping, slicing, mincing... just.... speechless

8" Chef's
6" Gokujo Boning
3.5" Paring
Honing Steel
And i wanted the Shun Knife case since I cook at a lot of different places
The other two knives are from Morty the Knife Man, clam and oyster shuckers

Soon to come.... 7" Santuko and a set of steak knives because i wanna be a baller in the kitchen lol

As far as knies going blunt after a couple months.... go here
Great info on how knives are sharpened and there are some good tips on how to keep a knife sharp.

1. Never store it in a draw unless it is in its own sleeve, this is probably one of the worst ways to dull a knife
2. Never cut on anything besides wood or plastic, look up the Shun video on youtube that Alton Brown hosts, good info there... so don't cut on glass, ceramic, granite, etc...
3. Always wash by hand with a little soap and warm water... the consistent hot heat and chemicals in the dish washer will inevitably break down your edge
4. It costs $10-$15 to sharpen a knife... get them done at least once a year depending how much you use them

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