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Originally Posted by Master Po View Post
You asked for reading material on the subject that races are different. Now your turn to show scientific evidence that races are exactly the same.
You're stretching, distorting, spinning and putting words in my posts like there's no tomorrow. Again, reading comprehension is a requirement in a discussion board that uses written media.
Not only me, but nobody in this thread, has made any of the claims above. It's called a straw man argument.

And yes, there are no unicorns.
The problem is that you are trying to use IQ (and other standardized tests) as a measure of intelligence. What Nova is pointing out is several factors and they show that IQ tests Binet and Standford-Binet do not actually measure the complexity of intelligence.

First look at the origin of the "IQ test" Binet. At the turn of the 20th century Binet looked at a way to figure out if teaching mentally retarded children was worth it for the french govt. the Binet test was developed to do this.
So to say that chinese have a genetic advantage in IQ is great. Congrats, you have a genetic advantage over mentally retarded french kids.

Now, we also then have to look at what is known as the Flynn effect. The substantial increase in average scores on intelligence tests over time. Do you honestly think that due to genetic changes in the the combination of all races tested that intelligence has increased 20% in less than 80 years? Do you honestly think that genetic variation and/or mutation has occurred this quickly?
Not only that but:
"When large samples of Spanish children were assessed with a 30-year gap. Comparison of the IQ distributions indicated that
1. the mean IQ-scores on the test had increased by 9.7 points (the Flynn effect),
2. the gains were concentrated in the lower half of the distribution and negligible in the top half, and
3. the gains gradually decreased as the IQ of the individuals increased."

This also means that it is the bottom that is coming up not that intelligence itself as a whole is going up.

Now, look at Charles Spearman and g for "general intelligence factor." Now Spearman's "g" is most often seen in tests involving abstract reasoning, however it can also be seen as a statistical artifact.

The reality is there is no proof.

Let me pose a question to you. If there were some genetic superiority in IQ tests for asians and chinese in particular. Why hasn't the chinese govt been out testing every person they can find to prove this? If this really were true, don't you think the chinese govt would be doing everything it could to show the world they are smarter than everybody else?
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