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Originally Posted by NOVAbimmer View Post
I've never said that all the races are identical. It's pretty obvious from a quick glance that they're not. Facial structures, average height, hair type, etc, can all be linked and differentiated between racial groups.

The implication you're making, however, is that one race is inherently and genetically superior to others. Which, as you pointed out, is a scientifically sound as blood letting and humor balancing.
One factor that has not been mentioned and is rarely brought up is the population group of those being tested.

In Germany, high school students go into one of two tracks. One is vocational and the other is academic, which orients the kids towards college.

You have to test well to be in the academic high schools, it is not necessarily a choice.

So. If the academically oriented high school students are the ones that are tested and not the ones in vocational school, there could be a test bias that does not exist in schools where all students are grouped together.

I think that IQ results are interesting, but I don't think that you can necessarily compare the test results 1 to 1 because the school environments are so much different.

Furthermore, test results and IQ mean nothing if you don't apply what you have learned. Some people are late bloomers anyhow. And high test results do not replace personal motivation, a drive for excellence and a willingness to take risks.
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