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Originally Posted by NOVAbimmer View Post
I've never said that all the races are identical. It's pretty obvious from a quick glance that they're not. Facial structures, average height, hair type, etc, can all be linked and differentiated between racial groups.

The implication you're making, however, is that one race is inherently and genetically superior to others. Which, as you pointed out, is a scientifically sound as blood letting and humor balancing.
You certainly did. You even called me racist for mentioning differences in races.
All I said was that races are different.
Acknowledging first, and then identifying those differences, one can better exploit one's strengths.
If that's racism, so be it. There's nothing inherently bad about the word racism. The word has been demonized by the paranoid political-correctness police based on past actions.
Instituting social policies that exclude an entire group of people based on their race = BAD.
Recognizing strengths due to race and making social policies that encourage groups of people to further develop their own strengths and use them = GOOD.
The alternative is a society where everyone is treated equal, but at the lowest common denominator level.

Show me where I made statements that one race is superior to other.
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