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Originally Posted by Master Po View Post
I did no such thing. I cited an article called Race and Intelligence, and they use IQ to measure intelligence.
I could have just as easily cited many other articles, such as Race and Wealth, Race and Strength, etc. The point was to show Nova that there is scientifically measurable differences between races, and those are inheritable (meaning genetic, not just environmental). You, yourself cited some piece about race and genitalia, did you not?
The reason I chose the Race and Intelligence article is because there is a definite correlation between IQ and academic achievement. That's in the article. Read it.
One thing I did say, and may have spurred this whole (misinformed) debate is that I do agree Asians perform better in academics. That article goes directly to that.

Nowhere did I say that Asians are superior as a race.

You're falling in the straw man trap that Nova laid out.
Hardly. You are failing to grasp simple concepts (and sarcasm).

The article you cited failed to acknowledge the Flynn effect & that standardized tests (IQ or school testing) more likely as not, tell us nothing about how smart/intelligent/bright a person is. So to say "Asians perform better in academics" is a airman argument. It has no relevance to anything, as is demonstrated by the Flynn effect.

And you did say in the context of chinese persons having higher college acceptance rates.
Originally Posted by Master Po View Post
It's definitely in the genes and in parenting.
So, yes, you did say Asians are a superior race, even if only in that context.
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