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Originally Posted by JJR4884 View Post
lol... the bottom of a coffee cup?? please send me a pic of that i definitely believe it tho... as long as what you are using is hard, fine, and even all across, you could get away with sharpening a knife on it

i am going to get some sanding stones to practice on my other knives... i would love to learn how to sharpen knives

the shuns however... those they will sharpen for free, so i might as well take advantage of that until i am comfortable doing those on my own
The unpainted bottom of a coffee cup is basically the same ceramic material that you'll find in a real sharpener. Some cups are course, some are super fine.

When I grab a knife, the first thing I do is aim the edge directly at me and look to see if there are any shiny spots on the edge. If there's a shiny spot, it means that the edge is deformed enough to reflect light. I'll then do 5-10 quick swipes on the bottom of the coffee cup at about a 20 degree angle, alternating sides of the blade. You keep the edge facing towards the direction of travel and move the blade as if you're trying to slice off a piece of the cup. Keep the angle consistent.

I'll then use my fingernail to feel for a wire edge. A wire edge is where the edge of the blade has gotten so thin that it folds over every time you run it across the sharpener. You can feel this by scraping your fingernail down the side of the blade towards the edge. If it catches at all, there's a wire edge. A very gently swipe or two at 50 degrees will get rid of it. A blade with a wire edge will initially feel incredibly sharp, but the edge will soon fold over and performance will suffer.

For scissors you lay the blades flat against the cup and try to grind/polish away all the nicks and bumps. You then try to do the same with the skinny edge - keeping the edge flat to the cup and polishing them clean.
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