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Originally Posted by rdsesq View Post
Hardly. You are failing to grasp simple concepts (and sarcasm).

The article you cited failed to acknowledge the Flynn effect & that standardized tests (IQ or school testing) more likely as not, tell us nothing about how smart/intelligent/bright a person is. So to say "Asians perform better in academics" is a airman argument. It has no relevance to anything, as is demonstrated by the Flynn effect.

And you did say in the context of chinese persons having higher college acceptance rates.

So, yes, you did say Asians are a superior race, even if only in that context.
Go argue with the Wikipedia authors. They have a strong discussion group going on.

Despite your reservations to IQ as a valid metric or not the fact remains that Asians do perform better in academics. And yes, that's partly in the genes and partly due to parenting (focus on academics).
That's very easily verified by looking at admission rates in the TOP TIER colleges (not UC Irvine).

That has nothing to do with one race being superior to another.
I also said that blacks perform better in sports. Also very easily verifyable.
So, which race is superior, Asians or Blacks? You're just trolling.
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