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Originally Posted by hayabusa55 View Post
Some of our parents and grandparents had to grow up in the toughest of conditions and had to deal with life's challenges in much different ways than we do now. That doesn't mean that I need to send my kids to war at 13 to get them to become good people like my grandfather.

This lady is nuts. I sincerely doubt her happiness and satisfaction in life with anything, including herself and her children. For one to be so strict and demanding and focused on a particular goal is not a temporary condition, alleviated once the goal is attained.

There are Western parents like this. They're the obsessive types who push their children into sports and instruments they themselves wanted to excel at. The ones who live through their children.

And the children? Sure, they know how to play violin really well. Sure, they're good at school. What about their social skills? Happiness? Their future relationships and parental skills?

What many people fail to realize is that life's success is not measured by money or medals or even skill. There are plenty of activities that contribute to none of the above and yet they're very important to the happiness and health of a person.
Yup. So true. I wonder what the suicide rates are across races?

Originally Posted by NOVAbimmer View Post
so you've highlighted a difference. The IQ tests administered to American and European people, in a certain language, reveal different races to have different average (mean/median/mode?) IQs. Does that mean that every Asian has a higher IQ?

is it a superiority?

I've never found unicorns in my sock drawer by using a metal detector. Does that mean there are none, or that my test is flawed, or that I'm looking for the wrong thing?

If there were no IQ test, would Asians still be superior?
I know where I'm superior to Asians. And numbers on a page will never convince me someone is smarter than me. IQ tests and conventional forms of intelligence testing is just that; conventional. It appears the people that excel end up being quite unconventional.

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