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Originally Posted by rdsesq View Post
You made the statement they are. The requirement is on you, not I.
Sounds like a cop out to me.
My statement is congruent with easily verifiable observations: NBA/NFL/Olympics track and field/etc all blacks; top school admissions heavily dominated by Asians, etc. etc. ad nauseum. How many times we have to go through this?
It's up to guys like you to find an explanation for those facts (in genes or elsewhere). Just because you can't doesn't mean reality is wrong. You just haven't found the code, even if it's staring at your face, like in the fragment pseudo-genome above.

You are making an even bigger statement than I am, one that contradicts reality: that all races are the identical (genetically, I suppose). So prove it. The facts are against you. You back up your statement or GTFO and S T F U.

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