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Connector Hose Solution

I was out to the dealer to pick up the 'F' looking connector that always breaks on the intake tubes as well as Oil filter and oil to change after doing the CCV Cold Kit as I figured dirt would have gotten in through the removal of the dipstick tube. Anyhow, I started a conversation and asked if the techs remove the intake manifold to install. He said No. I asked how they got the tube connected that needed the quarter turn. He smiled. Lightly Lube the OS and snap together. So I came home and gave it a try. First I fished the hose up through the Intake Manifold and then I used a little dish soap on the outside of fitting on the OS. Slide OS into place, but did not fasten. Gave me just a little wiggle room. I then lined hose up with the OS. At this point I thought I would take my heat gun and warm the coupling up a little and then quickly press together. With very little effort it was in place. Gave it a good tug to make sure. Less than 5 min to install. The oil dipstick took the longest. Had a real hard time with the new O Ring.

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