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Originally Posted by Master Po View Post
Fock. I've seen people yank a text out of context to spin it.
But this is the first time I see a spin with the entire context being in the quote.
Good news, we've diagnosed the source of your reading comprehension issue: you stop reading the minute you find what you want to read.
So the NBA and the NFL chose to select all black players strictly because they look prettier all matched up on a TV screen?

I guess a little perspective is in order.
Here here... I can blast Asians as well. This is one area whites (chicks) are superior, I must admit.
how am I spinning your words stating that one race is superior to another. Kind of hard to spin that into anything other than what it is. Spinning it might be trying to paint you as some evil monster, but I'm not.

Just trying to point out the fact that your argument for racial superiority is flawed, and historically has proven to be dangerous to those seen as "less than superior."

But, obviously you're having a hard time comprehending the rhetoric that you're spewing. Hope you have fun, though. And hope your social policies never get implemented.

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