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Originally Posted by havnfun328 View Post
I think the RTV is unnecessary. It'll be a real mess next time. I replaced my t-stat 100K miles ago and no leaks yet.

Jabela's bleeding procedure is more complicated than needed. With fan on low and heat full hot, simply pour the coolant in very *slowly* until it comes out the bleeder screw. That should be all except for maybe a top-off after your next drive that fully warms it up.
Well, considering the gasket deteriorated on the original thermostat and it started weeping coolant, it's good insurance. I'll probably have to scrape it off the block next time I replace it, but I had to do that anyways to get all of the OEM gasket residue off to get a clean surface mount to.

As for the bleeding, yes it may be overkill, but it worked very well. When I checked the next day I didn't have to top it up at all.

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