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Originally Posted by Master Po View Post
NBA/NFL/Olympics track and field/etc all blacks
Most sports are not dominated by blacks and in many cases have fewer blacks than the norm. Soccer, cycling, baseball, tennis, cricket, golf, motor racing (F1, Nascar, Indy, Rally), Swimming. Shall I go on.

And before you come back with the "none of those are real sports" crapola. It is worth pointing out, that the NFL finally equaled the revenue of the English Premier League in 2010. (Yes, that is just revenue from England, that doesn't include every other country in the EU or Mexico or Brazil or ...) That is just the how big soccer (real football) is in the rest of the world. It towers above the NFL. So if your want to attempt a (albeit pathetic) argument about the dominance of black athletes in pro sports, perhaps you should take your blinders off.
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