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MAJOR PROBLEM - Dipstick Tube?

intake tube to the Oil Seperator is a real pain. If intake is left on, twist tube from above as you work it down through the intake manifold to the OS. Have OS bolted on first and push the intake tube over the connection. There is no way to make that twist connection as designed with the intake manifold in place.

I just finished this DIY, started it up with no indicator lights, but had a major oil leak. Had it started up for 10 seconds before i moved it and saw a huge oil puddle on the ground, almost from tire to tire. I am thinking this is the oil dipstick/guide tube? The oil seperator and tubes are fine and wouldn't leak that much anyway in that short time frame, I would think. The only other oil associated part(s) I touched was the oil dipstick tube - I moved it out of the way while doing the OS install and moved it back. I think it might be this tube or its o-ring? Any insight? I did not replace any dipstick parts other than tube from OS to dipstick.

I don't think any other oil lines are in the way that could have been accidently broken on OS install. I can't get back into it to check it out for a day or two until temperature rises, but I am at major loss and could use any help or insight. Thanks.
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