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My Ride: 2001 330i M-Sport TT
year and body style: 2001 320d
setup being rated: KW V3
adjustments: Ride Height & bump/rebound damping
additional aftermarket components: Powerflex Poly Bush Kit, Front and Rear Strut Braces
additional info: car has 75k miles on it. About 3k with this setup
preferred ride style: Quite firm, very little body roll, and more of a track biased setup if I am quite honest, however the wife never complained even after warning her the car would be "firm" after the upgrade, very composed and connected feel behind the wheel, Bump and Rebound adjustments did not appear to make as large a difference as one would expect when taken from one extreme to another, most impressive is the fact that the car does not crash around on the road on the less than impressive road surfaces we endure in the UK,admirable damping qualities indeed given the track performance.
would you recommend this setup? Yes, for track biased cars
price paid, including installation (if applicable): Circa 1500 installed.
ride comfort:7
handling: 8

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